VO2 Max

Oxygen consumption (VO2) is directly dependent on the amount of work your body does during exercise. The VO2 Max is the maximum uptake of oxygen required during strenuous exercise and is often considered the gold standard for aerobic fitness. It is a strong training indicator as the VO2 Max clearly reveals the body's ability to actually convert oxygen into performance.

For years, VO2 Max testing, the ultimate measure in fitness has been only accessible to professional athletes. The Treigning Lab, however, has state of the art technology to bring VO2 testing to all clients. Whether you are an age group athlete, a weekend warrior, an individual just interested in personal fitness, or just looking to lose weight, we can put you on the path to success with a VO2 test!



An increase in the VO2 Max is normally directly related to an increase in fitness. The Treigning Lab custom fitness assessment utilizes state of the art machines to measure the volume of oxygen (VO2) being consumed during exercise. The maximum rate of oxygen uptake is called the VO2 Max. To achieve a high VO2 Max a person must have a fit heart, lungs, and significant lean mass that is well conditioned.

To strengthen the heart, lungs, and enhance lean muscle mass, the Treigning Lab has certified personal trainers to help you optimize any custom workout plan. Using the VO2 Max test, they will help you achieve your fitness goals.



A VO2 test will find your Anaerobic Threshold (AT). The AT is the level of exercise intensity beyond which the body can no longer provide adequate oxygen to the muscles. Knowing the heart rate where you cross your AT will allow our staff of personal trainers to design a workout plan that will improve fitness and maximize calories burned.

Most facilities measure AT using only charts for target heart rates and training zones, which are based on nothing more than an educated guess. At the Treigning Lab, by conducting a personal VO2 test, we can calibrate your target heart rates and training zones based on real time data!