I have to let you know that Matthew met his target weight to 114 lbs. on his weigh in time last week. I would say that it wasn't the easy but I have tell you Coach that  it was painless and a lot less stressful.  Thank you for working with him step by step. I am convinced... your system made him felt confident that it would help him achieve his goal in the future. Matthew took 2nd place on 114lbs. varsity. Not too bad to start the season.  I think he got a bright future ahead of him.   Again, thank you!  I'll see you at the gym soon.

Best regards,


Daniel Ortega

Daniel began working with The Treigning Lab staff 18 months ago at 186 lbs. Now he is a  rock solid 125lb wrestler. In this photo he enjoys his first top podium finish of the year. Go Daniel!


Mark Munoz

Mark Munoz, the #4 ranked UFC middle weight in the world,  worked with the Treining Lab staff to successfully undertake one of the most magnificent transformations of the year.


Joe "Daddy" Stevenson partners with the Treigning Lab to prepare for his  2015 comeback. In ten weeks he went from 192 lbs to 155 lbs. Now that is impressive!

On the treadmill  with a new performance milestone - a new V02 Max!

This is Jamal Pogues, 20 years old at 261 pounds. After working with The Treigning Lab for 5 1/2 months he is 185 pounds. What a transformation!