Remote Coaching & Consultation

Designed for athletes & clients all around the world

Depending on your level of commitment, we have three options for you! All of our programs begin with an Hair, Tissue, Mineral Analysis test (HTMA) because the test gives us a very individualized and personal look at how your body uses the foods you are consuming.

Our Pioneer Program (Bronze level) includes the HTMA test, which can be ordered online in our store with one follow-up consultation to go over the results of the test either in person if you are local, or via a meeting scheduled on a computer. This program can be ordered online in our store and a test kit with instructions on hair collection will be sent to your address.

Our Progressive Program (Silver level) includes the HTMA test and an Initial Consultation as outlined below to include assessment and planning. Fill out the contact form below to find out more.

The Treigning Lab PEAK Performance Program (GOLD level) is our most comprehensive training program and offers you the most advanced personalized nutritional information as well as remote training programming, including a training history assessment, goal setting, and follow-up appointments to track your progress. Fill out the contact form below to get started today!

Initial Consultation includes…

Nutritional Profile*

-         Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) Test

-          Food & Behavior Assessment

-          Supplement Planning

-          Nutritional Planning

Movement Profile*

-          Previous Injury History

-          Previous Training History

-          Current Training Schedule

-          Future Goals/Events/Important Dates

-          General Exercise Planning & Programming

*1.5 to 2 hour consultation with The Treigning Lab Performance Staff member.

Initial Consultation + The Treigning Lab PEAK Performance Program

-          The Treigning Lab PEAK Performance Program 4 Week Program + 2 follow up consultations

o   Goal Setting & Habit Forming Strategies

o   Weekly Nutrition Logbook & Recipes

o   Competitive Mindset Strategies

To start our Remote Coaching & Consultation services we will be taking 20 clients at the beginning of March (2019).

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Online/distance programming available via the TrainChamp Teams App including detailed training programs, video exercise library, nutrition, recovery protocols, and much, much more!

Package 1 – Championship Program

Package 2 – Contender Program

Package 3 – Foundations Program