Treigning Foundations Course (Online)

Level O - Treigning Foundations Course

Level O (O for Online) is an interactive online course that has been specially designed for professionals involved in and/or working with people in ANY kind of sport, physical activity, or other type of movement practice (No prior experience necessary! This is an introductory level course).  Our goal is to continue to provide skills, information and exercises to improve the industry, and ultimately to enhance the experience of your athletes and clients.

The course is 100% online and includes a Program Manual, Weekly Lecture Slides, Videos & Questionnaires, Example Program Cards, Example Program Videos, Programming Guides, and much more!

Topics Outline

Includes introductions into the following topics:

Intro to The Treigning Lab Institute of Advanced Performance

Creating Championship Culture

Principles of Nutrition & Metabolic Profiling

Postural appraisals & Movement Assessment

Fundamentals of Program Design & Exercise Prescription

Biomechanics for Performance: Muscle Recruitment Sequencing (M.R.S.)

Biomechanics for Performance: Muscle Activation & Joint Kinematics

Injury Prevention, Management & Rehabilitation

Developing S&C Programs for Short & Long Term Periodization

Athlete Profiling (Mindset Strategies, Motivation & Communication)

Bonus: students have been treated to live Q&A’s with veteran professional athletes, observed Advanced Performance testing with our high profile athletes, and much more!

**Methods unique to The Treigning Lab will be presented in further detail throughout our Accredited Coaching Course - coming Fall 2019**

Next Course Start date: June (Now selling!)

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*Class sizes are limited to maintain a quality learning experience