Coaching Mentorship Program

2018, first cohort of mentorship coaches


The Treigning Lab Coaching Mentorship Program

…was designed for coaches and sports professionals looking to further their skills by working as a part of an elite athlete performance program.

This highly sought-after 8 week program is geared toward providing hands-on practical experience with participants getting the opportunity to work with our Performance Staff and coach athletes through warm up protocols and exercises during live training sessions.

Access to our coaching programs and live training sessions have never previously been provided to the general public and The Treigning Lab Coaching Mentorship Program is the first of its kind and sells out fast.

Please register your interest and we will contact you when we announce the dates and open enrollment for our next Coaching Mentorship Program.

Please Note: participants must either A) have completed Level O or B) will complete Level O concurrently with the Coaching Mentorship Program.

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