Interval Hypoxic Training

The Treigning Lab offers portable altitude training via the Alto Lab. The Alto Lab is a portable rebreather that scrubs the CO2 from exhaled air. It then simulates the hypoxic effect of altitude training at 5000 ft. to 40,000 ft. which naturally allows your body to benefit from the adaptation process. This device has been shown to increase not only the hematocrit but iron rich myoglobin, mitochondria, and capillaries as well. The ultimate result is superior oxygen efficiency and increased performance. An entire host of professional and Olympic athletes are already using the Alto Lab for its amazing results. In fact, it is used by the entire New England Patriot football team.



At the Treigning Lab, using the Alto Lab, we systematically raised the V02 Max of Mark Munoz, a top ranked MMA fighter, from 58.2 ml/kg/min to 64.8 ml/kg/min in just over five months. That is over a 10% increase in oxygen efficiency - an amazing result. Most top level athletes would be happy with much less. The Alto Lab worked for Mark and it can work for you, too! See the below presentation and see how you can increase your performance and even quality of life.