The Treigning Lab Institute of Advanced Performance

Our goal is to improve the standard for Personal Trainers, Strength & Conditioning Coaches and Sports Professionals by providing skills, information, and programs from world renowned Performance Coaches with decades of experience working with World Champion caliber athletes.

2018 coaching Mentorship program

2018 coaching Mentorship program

Coaching Mentorship Program

The Treigning Lab Coaching Mentorship Program was designed to provide professionals the opportunity to learn hands-on from world class performance coaches and gain invaluable practical experience by working alongside our staff in the creation and implementation of Advanced Performance programs to top athletes from around the world.

**The learning resources provided in this program have previously not been made available to the public.**

Please Note: This highly sort after program is open to select applicants only. Upon completion of The Treigning Lab Coaching Mentorship Program standout participants may earn the ability to apply for and gain employment opportunities at The Treigning Lab. Candidates will earn this opportunity based upon effort, attitude and will instantly add value to The Treigning Lab Performance Staff.

Treigning Foundations Course (Online)

Level O (O for Online) has been specially designed to provide professionals and enthusiasts from around the world a window into The Treigning Lab world. This course serves as the foundation and prerequisite for our Accredited Coaching Certification (coming Fall 2019) and our highly successful in-person Coaching Mentorship Program. The Treigning Lab prides itself on providing a unique and highly effective system of Advanced Performance.

This is a 6 week interactive online course lead by our Head Coach of Performance. Each week we introduce a topic and begin to breakdown systems unique to The Treigning Lab,

Please Note: This course is designed for anyone involved in and/or working with people in any kind of sport, physical activity, or other type of movement practice.  Our goal is to continue to provide skills, information and exercises to improve the industry, and ultimately to enhance the experience of your athletes and clients.

Coach Boss leading a group of athletes & mentor coaches

Coach Boss leading a group of athletes & mentor coaches

owner/founder, sam “coach Cal” Calavitta

owner/founder, sam “coach Cal” Calavitta

Accredited Coaching Certification

Coming Fall 2019…

Level 1 – Movement Assessment for Performance Profiling

Level 2 – Program Planning, Design & Periodization

Level 3 – Injury Prevention, Management & Recovery

Level 4 – Diagnostic Testing & Nutrition for Metabolic Profiling

Level 5 – “In The Garage” - Metabolic Conditioning & Advanced Programming

Please Note: This Accredited Coaching Certification program will be open to select applicants and active industry professionals only.